AbunDance Now

As nodes on the creation network our natural state is abundance but since the culture of today is steeped in scarcity and lack we were convinced out of our abundance from birth to adulthood. Since we create our own realities, the external world is a mirror of our inner world (subconscious), we keep creating according to the programming that we got from our surrounding.

You are already abundant, you just need someone to remind you of it!

We now have two alternative paths back to abundance:

  1. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and many other books state that we can convince ourselves of abundance by repeating affirmations over and over to overwrite our subconscious programming from lack to abundance.
  2. We can heal our damaged and confused parts and allow our natural state of abundance to shine through from our node out into our physical reality.

In this course we will dive deep into the second approach with the best tools and support to heal your scarcity/lack programming with real and concrete results that you will be able to experience during this journey or shortly after. With many distortions in your subconscious out of the way you will be able to attract what you were not able to before (people/things/offers/events show up) and be able to act in ways you were not able to before (new insights/ideas that you are able to act on with confidence).

Your fiat programming is linear and will state that things will get better with time; when I get my promotion… when I get the bigger house… when Bitcoin reaches 1M€… and so on and so on. It takes the whole life for some people to figure out that time do not actually exist and we keep tricking ourselves like this because of the programming. We can step out of all those linear programs at any time we want to because time is an illusion – Abundance Now.

When we start to live non-linearly, synchronicities and miracles becomes a normal part of life. When we are not locked into linear programs by acting within them, we open up to possibilities in the quantum field that can change our life completely in an instant. It becomes natural to live a peaceful and adventurous life where we just know we are supported by the universe and flow in harmony with it.

Wild nature is always abundant and healthy and SO ARE WE when we drop the fear programs we got from our family.

What is included?

  • 6 Group sessions of 90 minutes
  • 6 Individual sessions of 45 minutes
  • Telegram group and DM’s as support between sessions

When is it?

Six weeks from middle of March (We will pick days and times that work for you)


Sliding scale depending on your situation from 400 – 1000 Euro paid in Bitcoin

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