Bitcoiners mixed group

After the success with the Bitcoiner’s men’s group Sama Katharo now introduces a similar group for both men and women starting 21st January 2023. A transformational journey of self discovery in a supportive group setting.

Why do we need a group like this?

While Bitcoin acts on the global stage to tear down the fiat system by just being true, so can we let our old control patterns melt away and relax into our own inner truth, intuitive knowing and flow.

The very same process is happening for humanity as within every individual. Similar to the global banking system, we all have the choice to hold on to old fears and try to control our life according to outdated models OR we can face our fears and see that they are just illusions from negative past experiences and not related to the present moment.

As Bitcoiners we all want the global banking system to adopt a truth standard but are we ready to do it first on an individual level?

This group will gently detangle old models from our system, the filters that we keep feeling/seeing the world through. We will awaken our inner/outer senses and intuitive mind as we upgrade every aspect of our life to higher vibrations.

With deep introspection and vulnerable communication, we are able to shed guilt, shame, fear, frustration and anger that keep us conflicted and contained in uncomfortable comfort zones to attain more freedom, peace and choice.

A journey of discovery through topics like:

  • Resolving trauma
  • Conscious parenting
  • Relationships and friendships
  • Career, goals, passion and purpose
  • Inner guidance and intuition
  • Masculine and feminine aspects
  • Energy body, physical body and health
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Addictions and habits
  • Community and freedom
  • Anything else that comes up

The group includes:

  • 6 Group sessions with sharing – 2 hours (Video call)
  • 6 Individual sessions – 45 minutes (Audio call)
  • 9 Group Momentum Meditations – 60 minutes (Audio call)
  • Telegram group for support between sessions
  • Reunion about two months afterwards – 2 hours (Video call)

You can listen to this podcast for more information: Men’s group feedback with Cornpleb

Investment:  Early bird offer until 31.12.2022 500 Euro paid in Bitcoin. After 1st January 2023 the price will be 600 Euro.

Start date: 21.1.2023

Duration: Approximately 8 weeks

Questions and Sign-up: