Exit Fiat – Decentralized Spirituality

5 weeks
All levels
9 lessons
0 quizzes
16 students

This is a meditation course for people who wants to leave the fear-based world of fiat culture and money to live a life with inner harmony, abundance and creativity. It deals concretely with both the inner and outer obstacles that holds you back from your full potential.

When our career is in line with our deeper purpose we trust in the flow state and get visions, inspiration and creativity from within that drives us forward while being able to stay open in each moment in an expansive way.

Working because of fear and survival has the opposite effect with contraction of consciousness because we use force and control to keep focus on things that we are not intrinsically inspired by in that moment.

The fiat world and our rational mind tend to work in a linear way (structure) while spirit and our intuition work in a non-linear way (flow).

In the fiat world we tend to get stuck in structures that suffocate our spirit and this leads to negative emotions in the short term and illness in the long term. To exit the fiat world we need to create structures that allow and encourage flow as much as possible so we can live in harmony with our inner knowing and guidance.

In this course you learn how to leverage both the inner and outer worlds to make the shift as quickly as possible. Positive changes in our inner world by facing our fears open possibilities in the outer world. When we act on positive possibilities in our outer world it opens up for more inner healing and so it continues in a positive spiral.

Whether you want to start something as a side business or go all in on your mission, this course will provide reflection and tools on how to start working in a non-linear way.

Together with teachings, meditations and individual work you can also join the community group chat with other people who have done the same course. There you can ask questions and meet like-spirited individuals.