Identities, Spaces, and Intentions

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 19 | Author: Caleb

Hello Sovereign Nodes!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked ChatGPT to write an article based on a voice memo? Well this week I did the same thing, but without the summary – now you get to hear some new, unedited, higher-consciousness “ramblings” for yourself! Check out the video below to listen, or give it a listen on your favorite podcast app, such as Fountain or Spotify.

This week I discuss the role of conceptualizing identities and “spaces” and the importance of understanding the intentions when doing so. Not only is it important to have a clear intention when creating an identity / concept, but also having a soft attachment to them, making them easily dropped when the time is right.

This is a meditative solo conversation, so try to listen with as much presence as you can. Take a walk, do the dishes, stretch your body, or just sit and meditate. Enjoy!

From my node to yours,


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