Month: December 2022

  • Transformation and models of reality with Faisal

    Transformation and models of reality with Faisal

    Sama spoke with Faisal about the development of his inner kingdom. A journey moving from emptiness through an opening of the flod-gates and into a new inner space with more choice and awareness.

  • End-of-year retreat

    End-of-year retreat

    Sama Katharo is hosting an end-of-year retreat online for people who wants to release old patterns and start the new year with a fresh energy body. Dates: 26.12 to 30.12 Read more here:

  • Sovereign Soul Series: Abundance

    Sovereign Soul Series: Abundance

    In this second part of SSS is about how abundance works in a spiritual/frequency paradigm and how people try to attain external abundance from the confusion we are taught at a young age that we need to do something to get something.