What Are Sessions?

A session is dedicated high-frequency meditation between a facilitator and a client. Some sessions are a time to experience profound healing, and others a time of introspective and broadening of perspectives. The client’s highest self (their “node”, as we like to call it) will always bring him or her exactly what they need!

How do they work?

Sessions can be conducted from anywhere and with anyone in the world as long as there is an internet connection. Based on client/facilitator preferences they can be done over video or just audio, and can be recorded if desired for future playback.
Just like the electromagnetic signals carrying the digital signals of the call, everything is vibration, so the session facilitator connects to the client and their highest self digitally, then from a higher frequency.

Why do a session?

The overall goal of any session is to obtain a stronger, more permanent connection to one’s node.

While this connection is completely under the control of every individual, one may leverage the power of another to “jump” through levels of healing that could take them a lifetime to achieve on their own.

By combining their infinite power, the facilitator and client open potentials for a myriad of life-altering miracles.

Explore Session Facilitators and Their Specialties

  • Brisket
    Specialising in the clearing of blocks & traumas acquired growing up in world that isn’t concerned with Truth.
  • Caleb
    Conscious Parenting | Personal Growth | Cultural Patterns | Inter-Dimensional Beings
  • Oro
    Facing challenges, confusion, and doubts | Undoing of unconscious patterns | Happiness in a daily living | Spiritual Awakening
  • Rauri D
    Breath Work | Meditation | Trauma Healing | Grounding | Connecting to your heart
  • Sama Katharo
    Ancestral Patterns | Entity Removal | Financial Fears and Blocks | Channeling
  • Scott
    Exploration and insights to support finding neutrality and spending more time in the Flow.
  • Thursday
    Meditation | Contemplation | Breathing | Visualization | Sacred Geometry