Bitcoiners men’s group

Approximately two times per year Sama Katharo organizes a men’s group for bitcoiners who wants to become a better version of themselves. A deeply transformative journey over 8 weeks.

Why would we need a group like this?

As men, we have picked up behavior patterns/templates from role models as we grew up that are hardcoded in us. The blueprint of how we unconsciously operate in various situations and circumstances. Many men in today’s society choose to suppress their old templates and use softcoded templates, constructed in the mind, to fit in and to get everything done that is expected of us while the hardcoded templates only come out as unwanted triggers and projections.

But have we lost our true masculinity in this process and suppressed our raw human strength and deep values that can give direction to ourselves, our family and the community?

In this group we will dig into our old templates to uncover and reclaim our divine masculinity. With deep introspection and vulnerable communication, we are able to shed guilt, shame, frustration and anger that keep us conflicted and contained in uncomfortable comfort zones to attain more inner freedom, peace and choice.

While Bitcoin acts on the global stage to tear down the fiat system by just being true, so can we let our old control patterns melt away and relax into our own inner truth, our intuitive knowing.

The group includes:

  • 6 Group sessions with sharing – 2 hours (Video call)
  • 6 Individual sessions – 45 minutes (Audio call)
  • 9 Group Momentum Meditations – 60 minutes (Audio call)
  • Telegram group for support between sessions
  • Reunion about two months afterwards – 2 hours (Video call)

Listen to this podcast for more information: Men’s group feedback with Cornpleb

Choose your focus(es) and use the group as support to:

  • Resolve trauma 
  • Improve relationships 
  • Improve career
  • Start a new business
  • Receive inner guidance
  • Balance masculine and feminine aspects
  • Find your passion 
  • Explore your energy body
  • Sexual expression or control
  • Attract a girlfriend
  • Embrace creativity
  • Stop addictions
  • Anything else you want to overcome or achieve

Investment:  paid in Bitcoin

Start date: May 2023

Questions and Sign-up:

What men thought about the previous group:

It was a journey to enter this sharing space with Sama and the group. It taught me to be more open-hearted and to communicate more freely. During these 8 weeks, I picked up new mental habits and was able to witness a series of old patterns I had. It helped me grow and be more centered. It gave me tools I can now use on my own to proceed further on the journey. Discussing with bitcoiners was a privilege and a rich process. I could feel how Bitcoin brings us closer together and creates a strong bond between us. I definitely recommend the experience to anyone curious about learning about oneself and be witness to others’ journey.

Emmanuel, Canada

Having an open space where men can discuss and explore the personal and collective issues that are weighing on them is tremendously valuable. Jordan Peterson talks about how “sanity is distributed”, and I believe this to be the case in some ways. When we don’t air the problems we face in our lives to others we risk telling ourselves one story about a predicament we find ourselves in. When we discuss those problems with others it allows us to see a different perspective, and ultimately shift the story we are telling ourselves. Shifting the story means that the next time we encounter the problem, our perception of it has changed, and so we can deal with it with a fresh attitude, collect more data, and ultimately make choices more aligned with our truest self. Being a Bitcoin only group, this creates an amazing space to be honest and open with one another, since we are already aligned on so many values.

Matt, Canada

As Bitcoiners we often want to change the world but we forget that we need to work on our own challenges first. The men’s group helped me to look deep into myself and resolve very old behavioral patterns. It was a pleasure and an exciting journey listening, talking and meditating together.

Timo, Germany

I had the good fortune to be a member of one of Sama’s groups. I did not know exactly what to expect early on but I enjoyed having in-depth conversations with other Bitcoiners. The topics explored are deceptively simplistic (triggers & patterns). As you continue to invest the time and effort (your own proof of work) the impact of our reflexive tendencies to these two simple concepts come into focus and are truly unique to us as individuals.

When the discussions commenced, I found myself asking the same question to myself over and over: “I was not born like this, when did I give consent to making ‘this’ art of who I am”? The natural follow-up to the first question, “Now that I know this about myself, what do I want to do with this awareness?”

Through Sama’s guidance and coaching, the exercise of identifying these patterns, addressing them, and taking ownership of my personality became second nature. This has been invaluable to inner harmony. Instead of frustration, there is acceptance / forgiveness / awareness of the transitory nature of the triggered emotion. We all have a conceptual model for who we want to be. What I gained from the weeks working with Sama and the other group members, was a tangible, actionable, and realistic approach to evolving into the person I admire.

Nathan, USA

The coordinator 

Sama Katharo has explored his energy body since the millennia shift and practiced many spiritual paths, healing modalities and meditation techniques since then. He writes articles and hosts the Bitcoin Consciousness podcast. He coaches people to find their creativity, access their energy body, shed old programming and embody their true self. Sama takes individual sovereignty seriously and does not intend to give any particular teachings but support and guide participants as best he can towards their truth and self healing.

Minimum 3 participants to go ahead – Maximum 8 participants to keep the group small