Coaching sessions

Sama guides you into higher states of consciousness where your thoughts get softer so you can see your life from a different perspective. In this state it is possible to release old patterns and get insights on how to integrate and express your true self.

A standard session to get to know each other is between 45-60 minutes.


Sama operates on a value4value standard which means that you decide how much you want to give in return for the gift and send Bitcoin/satoshis to Sama’s lightning wallet, QR code below.


Examples of how we could work together:

Flow package

To get rid of emotional or mental blockages to get more flow in certain areas of your life. With homework, worksheets and DMs between the 6 sessions over two months you will learn how to open up to the creativity and flow for whatever you are passionate about.

Emotions package

In todays society many people have shut down their emotions and live from their head. As we get older it can feel empty inside, it can be difficult to relate to others and our partner. With homework and DM’s between the 8 sessions over three months you will learn to open up to the emotional layer of your energy body step by step.

Dream-job package

The career spiral starts with just getting any job to be able to pay our bills. We then continue to change jobs that are more and more in alignment with our true self and that we love to do.

Where are you in this spiral? How much do you love your work? Are you getting financially compensated for it so you can live your life the way you want to?

Homework and DM’s between the 8 sessions over three months will take you one, two or perhaps even three steps up the spiral into a situation where you feel you do not need to sacrifice yourself to enjoy your life.


After a session you can experience detox when old patterns leave your system and you are advised to just observe them – not identify with them – to let them go.


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