Mission Statement

The Bitcoin Consciousness Community is a group of like-spirited people from around the world who are drawn to reinvent how to relate, communicate, and transact with each other.

Like nodes on the creation network

The world we live in today – “the fiat world” –  is built on top of centralized institutions. Religions, governments, schools, corporations, and organizations – all of these encourage fear-based, hierarchical behaviors which are based in the mind and push away our individual souls. In this paradigm, instead of each operating in accordance with our own soul and the greater spirit of humanity, we are led away from our true essence into ponzi schemes encouraging scarcity, greed, and control. Thankfully, we are beginning to break free.

In the Bitcoin Consciousness, we envision a decentralized world where every human being is a node on the network of creation. A world where each individual is attuned to their own node—their timeless essence—and acts with intuition, rationality and the heart without fear. A world where we act both for ourselves and the community by being true to ourselves and following our deepest intentions. This network is ready for an upgrade, and it is up to each of us to facilitate it.  

In the beginning of this transition we get glimpses of a higher, more powerful human consciousness, but often sink back down into identification with old beliefs and patterns. This community of people, with interactions within the Bitcoin Consciousness, can help us stay in clarity for longer periods of time, giving us courage to let go of old fear patterns. Releasing these patterns opens the space for us to develop ways of being and acting that will anchor us in higher consciousness.

Once we drop enough of our lack and scarcity patterns and stabilize into the Bitcoin Consciousness, we begin to experience a reality where we always have more than enough. This reality of abundance and inner peace can always be lived as long as we vibrate in truth and let things which are false fall away similar what Bitcoin’s truth is doing on a macro level.

This can feel like a very strange process for each of us. As we realize that we no longer need to act from fear in order to survive, we begin noticing we can do what our heart guides us to do, resulting in a life of less pain and more peace. Most everything we had been using to define ourselves becomes obsolete and unnecessary – including the attachment to definition itself; our ego fades away.

This is a platform where we can practice new ways of relating to each other as humans while living on a bitcoin standard and staying in higher consciousness. This is a platform where we foster the reinvention of what it means to be human; where each node reconnects to the base layer on its own accord. We are pioneers who can lead the way for humanity into an age of transparency, truth, freedom, and abundance for all.