Momentum Meditations

March 2024 | Hosted by Sama Katharo

Guided group meditations over 3 weeks that elevate your frequency resonance and connect you with your inner node. A value4value meditation adventure for advanced meditators as well as beginners.

What are Momentum Meditations?

The Momentum Meditations are not just guiding participants to a peaceful state of mind, they are also energy body tune ups on frequency level. When we meet online we also meet as nodes with our energy bodies beyond time and space on the creation network.

These meditations are designed for a more efficient journey through the detox stage of deleting old programs from the energy field and uncovering our true self. In this phase we have an inflow of new frequencies / potential and an outflow of old low frequency fear based programs from our childhood / careers / ancestors. To have a smoother sailing through these waters it helps to be brave enough to live in our incoming higher frequencies (act on our inspiration) and move out from the safety of our uncomfortable comfort zones.

When we hold a high frequency, a strong energy body, we are able to see through the old programming and let it pass through without acting on them or distracting yourself. The faster you can update the mental models of yourself and the world to correlate with the new higher perspectives the smoother it will go. The meditations will help with this both with the verbal conceptual guidance as well as the frequencies between our nodes.

In each group meditation, the energy body will be centered around/within your physical body and your physical body will be centered in time and space. In the kernel of time and space we can access our inner world. You will be guided how to go beyond your busy thoughts, interact with your energy body and how to move between levels of consciousness.


Being able to share experiences, ideas and progress as well as asking questions are important parts of self realization so it will be possible, if you choose to, to stay behind after the meditation and talk calmly with me and other participants. We also have a group chat on Telegram where such communication can take place.

Listen to this podcast to hear about Scott’s experiences.


The whole session will be approximately 60 minutes long with the guided meditation lasting about half of that time and the rest is time for sharing, questions and feedback. The meditations will be recorded in case you miss one. You can focus on one, two or preferably all three days per week to build maximum momentum.

  • Investment: Value4value paid later in Bitcoin ⚡
  • Days and time: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 pm EDT / 9 pm ECT / 5 am AEST (the next day).
  • Next start date: May 5th, 2024
  • Sign up: Sign up by joining the Telegram Group at the link here.


I’m a 25 year Vipassana meditator, over 40 ten day courses sat/served. In October a friend suggested I join a guided meditation series with Sama. I was sceptical because I adore silence & observing but I did. He is a wonderful human being & gifted, unique teacher.

Izzy, Australia

I have recently completed a round of Momentum Meditations with Sama. I have been interested in meditation for quite some time but it is one of those things where I wasn’t sure where to start or what to do. Sama introduces some very effective techniques for learning how to go deep in your meditations and provides guidance on connecting to your true self and energy body. Having completed 6 sessions over 3 weeks my only regret is that I didn’t sign up for all 9. This was a truly powerful experience, I learned so much and I am energised to keep practicing now I am confident I know how to do it on my own. In saying that, I’ll be signing up again…… warning: This feels incredibly good and it’s highly addictive. So if feeling good isn’t your thing, best not attend….

Daz, Australia

The Momentum Meditation sessions have taken my practice to new levels. I would find with my usual 10-20 min solo sessions, my ability to clear the mind and achieve the depth of experience that I am seeking, is inconsistent. From my first Momentum Meditation session I found my mind cleared very easily and the sense of connection with the others in the group helped to not only deepen the experience, but also hold the focus. I feel a sense of authenticity accountability to each other, without pressure or expectation. Sama guides us through different perspectives that help to isolate layers of awareness and enrich the consciousness experience.

Scott, New Zealand

Sama’s Momentum Meditation Sessions are truly unique. I felt they were the perfect balance between mindfulness and personal growth. I went into these sessions with no expectations and came out with a much deeper understanding of myself, my past relationships, and my implicit beliefs. If you’re looking to amplify your personal growth, go deeper during meditation, or simply meet some incredible like-minded individuals, I cannot recommend this group more highly. Sama has this incredible gift of picking up on individuals and/or the group’s energy and then directing the groups to focus towards this energy to help raise awareness/process whatever needs to be processed. Thanks, Sama! I am grateful to have stumbled upon what you’re doing and had the opportunity to participate.

Seb, Canada

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