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Hello Decentralized Consciousness explorer! Thanks for checking out my facilitator page. If you are here there is a reason – listen to your heart and feel if a session with me will be a good fit – I look forward to hearing from you!



  • Conscious parenting
    • Insights into healing relationships and hurtles with your children
  • Personal Growth
    • All of life represents lessons for growth which you have chosen, are you learning from them or repeating them?
  • Cultural Patterns
    • Release cultural patterns and filters
  • Inter-dimensional beings
    • Provide a new and curious perspective to the inter-dimensional beings you may find in your energy field

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Telegram: @hldbtc

Nostr: npub1rajxkwyqud43qvrzah0460gcfjl24436m67lprarrzgu37pl03cqgjrkqx

Price: value4value, $1 – $100


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