Unveiling Truth: A Journey Beyond Perception Pt. 1

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 2

This week, let’s embark on an enthralling exploration of truth. What is it? How does it shape our reality and guide our lives?

At first glance, the concept of “truth” might appear straightforward. Consider the simple equation: 1 + 1 = 2. The truth seems evident. But, let’s delve deeper into this seemingly indisputable statement. In the realm of mathematics, this equation is irrefutably correct. However, let’s transpose this theory into the tangible world. If we were to pour one cup of water into another, intuitively, we’d expect two cups. But on a microscopic level, even if we meticulously measured equal numbers of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in both cups, a minute variation exists, challenging the absoluteness of this “truth.” Depending on the power of the instrument making the observation, we will always find the result is never 2.0 exactly, but instead 1.999…0 or 2.000…1 or some other variation.

This minute difference between seemingly identical entities hints at the fascinating world of quantum mechanics – the underlying structure of reality. At the subatomic level, particles exhibit bewildering behaviors, defying our conventional understanding of truth. Quantum superposition allows particles to exist in multiple states concurrently, blurring the lines between certainty and probability. Moreover, quantum entanglement perplexingly links particles regardless of spatial separation, showcasing the inherent interconnectedness within our universe.

In this realm, the “truth” takes on an elusive guise. It’s not a definitive, static concept but a fluid, elusive entity. As Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle posits, the more we strive to ascertain certain properties of particles, the more elusive their true nature becomes.

This experiment shines a bright light on the “real” nature of truth, which, simply put, is that truth does not exist! This is how we know god has a sense of humor, or at least a sense of irony.

There are two main points I would like you to contemplate this week:

  1. The truth as we know it is only just an observation, an average of inputs. It is dynamic, subjective, and constantly evolving.
  2. The truth changes based on perspective and the power of the observer

Keep and eye out next week, when we delve deeper into the nuances of truth and reality.

From my node to yours,


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