Unveiling Truth: A Journey Beyond Perception Pt. 3

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 4

In Part II of this article, we mused over how the dynamic nature of reality causes us to create our own personal realities. The more we believe they are the truth, the more they dominate our lives. We also discussed how fear plays a particularly powerful role in dominating the in-actions in life, and mused over how many opportunities are missed because of them.

So how might we move forward? Is the key to simply acknowledge and face our fears head on? In my experience, this strategy is somewhat effective, but in my opinion it is the long way around. Let’s use the example from the last article:

Desire: Visit a new country. Fear: It’s dangerous, I could get kidnapped.

Let’s say that, despite our fear, we decide to plan a trip. Through the planning process, we will be sure take certain steps to ensure we are carrying our money safely, visiting “verified” tourist attractions, and having backup plans for every contingency. Once on the trip, we may be very hesitant as we go through many of our planned activities at first, but over time become more comfortable with the new place we are visiting – maybe so comfortable that we will even plan a trip next year! Over several visits, this once scary place may start to feel just as familiar as the other places we visit regularly. Mission accomplished, fear defeated! Right? Yes and no.

Effectively, what we did was build a new reality that, if we are ever to visit a new “dangerous” place again, we must first take steps to mitigate that risk, and slowly dip our toes in the new place over time until we become comfortable. While this strategy was effective in the long run, we are missing opportunities to live authentically and to the fullest on the first visit to the new place. Not to mention the missed opportunity to visit new places because of the return visits.

So then is the solution to just completely throw caution to the wind – leaving cash hanging out of our pockets, visit the darkest alleys, and be completely unprepared? No, especially since the old fear-based beliefs are still there, the reality we create can be one full of a lot of painful or scary experiences!

Instead, the ideal solution is to heal the fear itself, and allow your authentic self to guide us on the trip. The authentic self will bring forth the necessary preemptive actions before we arrive, and it will also guide us how to live safely, authentically, and to the fullest in the new place.

Let’s explore this a bit deeper. In Part II, I presented a diagram which proposed that we take “ripples” or “snapshots” of dynamic reality, and form a less dynamic, less true, and more limited version. In the drawing below, I take it one step further by asking the question – who is creating the observer? In a way, it’s like the question “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” If the observer is living in fear, where did it begin? Did their limited reality present something that made them afraid? But wait, if truth doesn’t take “form” without an observer, it couldn’t have come from outside, right?

To demonstrate this another way, I have made a few more drawings:

Compared to the diagram in the previous issue, we will notice there is a change at the center. Instead of finding the dynamic “base reality” there, we now find it centered on the purest you as a fractal of everything. (Technically, the center is the same, we just named it differently.) Moving out from the center, we begin latching on to an infinite series of snapshots of truth – if you have been a part of the Decentralized Consciousness community for a while, you might also know these as “distortions” or “filters”. These attachments then form what I refer to as the “observer layer”. This is where our less dynamic, less true, and limited selves reside. Finally, surrounding this being is their reality, represented by the spiraling line.

I know that’s a lot – I had a hard time writing it. For now just think of it like this:

  • Purest and unlimited self is at the center
  • Distortions mutate the signal of the purest self before physical manifestation
  • The mutated signal forms a limited version of self AND a limited version of reality to match

The next drawing below shows this in another way using the common example of money distortions:

Moving left to right we find:

  • Purest self
  • Our limited truths about money (in this example “negative charge” means believes of scarcity)
  • The observer and his reality are formed which mirror the limited truths

As discussed earlier, one round about way to face distortions is to “throw caution to the wind”, to force our fears away. Personal growth books employ this kind of methodology, and while they can be very useful tools, the realities they build are liable to crumble because they are still founded on distortions:

In the above drawing, we see that limited observer wants to fix their scarcity distortions, so they force them away by creating new ones. Affirmations or “fake it ’til you make it” are common examples. The end result is another observer, this time created by the first, and now even further away from the purest self. Again, these tools have their use – they may be seen as a “proof of work” concept for someone who is having a hard time releasing their fears, but eventually they will need to be abandoned if further growth and expansion is to occur.

At the end of the first example, I said the most effective way to live authentically is to heal the fears (distortions) themselves, as modeled below:

Now this time moving left to right we find:

  • Purest self
  • No distortions around money
  • The money aspect of the resultant being is just as dynamic and unlimited as the purest self

Unlike the forced personal growth methodology, we are dissolving the base distortions instead of building on top of them. This can be a more challenging a task at first, especially since there will never be a book to teach you how to heal you – every single one of us has a completely unique journey. Just like Bitcoin, the best, most genuine end result requires an authentic dedication to it.

If this is something you are even remotely interested in, you have come to the right place.

Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey, I hope you found it as expansive of a read as I did as a write; be sure to reach out with your thoughts.

From my node to yours


Decentralized Consciousness

PS. Remember, everything, including all of this – is only partially true at best 😉

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