Dear Bitcoiners

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 6 | Author: Sama Katharo

This article was originally published in Citadel 21 on November 21st, 2021

Dear Bitcoiners,

I feel a deep connection with each and every one of you. To fall down the rabbit hole, and see what has made you Bitcoiners, creates a strong bond. I admire the work you have done with the blocksize war and FUD crushing until now, but the next battle to be fought might be an inner one. Bitcoiners have won, and do not have any valid reasons for fears.

I think it is time to realize that all fears are illusionary, so you can let them go and step into your greater potential.

I know many of you are focused on the financial aspects of reality, and it has opened up to the understanding of how rotten the leadership of this planet is. I entered this understanding from a different direction, long before Bitcoin existed, when my reality was opened up and I became aware of the frequencies that hold our world together. I have lived a multidimensional life since then, and have devoted my life to understanding both the physical and non-physical worlds.

In recent years it has become obvious to many that this planet is controlled by a deep state acting behind the governments. Central banks, WHO, UN, BlackRock, Vanguard, and their likes. Through their influence, they control the human population as they please, and their plans often play out in their favor. I know I do not need to tell you about the controlled mass media and inflation, but perhaps you have not yet thought about all the ways they have tried to keep us sick and dependent on their pharma companies. I think many of you are aware of the education scam that keeps us looking outside ourselves for answers, and looking up to authority for guidance, while discouraging independent thought. Humanity has been duped in so many ways, for so long, that we are severely compromised.

They have done everything in their power for us to not discover our own true power and rise up against them. I’m here to tell you that Bitcoin is a great tool, but our true power hides inside of us. Each and every one of us has an energy body around us, it can not be seen with the eyes but it can be experienced if we manage to achieve peace of mind. Inflation is time-theft, and this is a big part of what stops us from becoming who we truly are. Since we are so busy living up to hollow society standards, we are sacrificing who we truly are. We need to take our time back, time to unwind everything added on to us since we were born, and uncover our original spark.

As humans, we can access a wide range of inner frequencies, or states of consciousness. Just like many of you have noticed when entering the rabbit hole,  improving diet and exercise habits enable us to change into a better state of human experience, and lower our time preference.

In a more stable state, with a healthy body, we can think clearer and are not as prone to taking sides in political discussions, because we can see the issues from a bigger perspective. From an inner perspective. This is similar to switching radio channels, because we start to access other frequencies through our energy bodies. Consciousness levels are like radio stations, and we are able to change how we view and interact with the world by internally tuning in to another ‘radio station’. We can consciously move between various states of consciousness, and experience different perspectives. This is basic knowledge that meditators, shamans and mystics, as well as Carl Jung, have talked about for ages. But it has been kept hidden and out of the mainstream discourse for a long time.

The current world order strives to maintain a low frequency in humanity through fear, guilt and shame, so we are easy to dupe and control. In the lower consciousness we have a strong duality, where we are forced to take sides and identify with our thoughts. The deep state wants us to think we are our thoughts (which they control), but actually we are the awareness listening to our thoughts, and when we realize this we can take control over what thoughts we choose to listen to.

In higher consciousness, we lose the need to hold on to things, people, ideas, and just observe how things really are. When we take care of ourselves, we become aware of our energy bodies, we become drawn to the food our body needs, the body guides us to enough rest, and we start to recreate who we are with our intent and creativity. Our bodies are marvelous technology, and the blueprint is an energetic one. When we get access to our energy body, we can understand our physical issues and resolve them.

To change the frequency of this planet and find our individual strength, we need to look within and face our personal darkness. When we make time to just be, our defenses start to melt away, and the demons we encounter are just old patterns trying to fight for their existence and control over us. Under a fiat standard, we were forced to live dominantly from our rational minds. We had to create habits and behaviors to survive. But under a Bitcoin standard, this is no longer necessary. When we let go of the old survival patterns, we just do what feels right and can provide value to the world by just being ourselves, because we have amazing abilities and good intentions by nature.

I understand if you want to accumulate as many Satoshis as you can, but perhaps you already have enough and can take a break? Perhaps it is just old insecurity patterns that keep you wanting more? Or if you really do not have enough Satoshis, then think about how you can explore your true self while providing value to the world to move away from victimhood and a “fiat job”.

I understand if you want to stand up for and defend Bitcoin against any possible future threat, and you might worry that finding yourself will make you soft? Resolving our inner conflicts unleashes our pent up potential and inner strength. It also makes our sense of right, wrong and fairness even clearer, so when such actions are needed, we can be ready.

We have been in survival mode for so long as humans and as Bitcoiners, and I think this is a time to start re-prioritizing. As long as we are living in this low frequency, the deep state is able to control us. Even with Bitcoin, their power is very strong while we are vibrating in the victim frequencies, and might prevent us from being able to assemble and rise up.

Hyperbitcoinization will not only be a financial revolution. It will change how we operate as humans. When the fear of starvation and death vanishes from our planet, we will tap into our potential and work together as sovereign individuals to create an amazing world. All models are literally destroyed, and the longer we hold on to people, things, self-images and worldviews, the longer we will be like the boomers who refuse to let go of gold.

Our self-image is just a mental construct, and we can change it in any way we want, because it is subjective and not true. Who you are today is what has taken you this far, but it limits who you can be in the future. We cannot change without changing. This is the time to let go of the fiat tyranny, both within and without.

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