Try This Momentum Meditation!

Try this powerful momentum meditation and shed some old patterns. Listen here or download it for free; donate to the lightning address below.

The October 2022 Momentum Meditations

The October Momentum Meditations were a huge success; we enjoyed raising our consciousness together with a group of 23 people over 9 sessions.

When people come together with the clear intention to connect to their higher self (their inner node), our individual higher intelligence(s) empower each of us in specific, unique, and amazing ways. You can learn more about these meditations here.

Time is not linear; you too can experience this meditation exactly as we did – or rather, do – by joining the time-space event through the recording. The only requisite is your intention to strengthen your connection to your own soul. Enjoy!

Play it here:

October ’22 2nd Tuesday Momentum Meditation

Or download it here:

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