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Remember to Breath | Issue No. 24 | Author: Caleb

This week, an interesting theme took shape for me. After getting to host Alex from “Wild Life – The Unschooling Podcast” (linked below), i listened to the recent Terrence Howard interview with Joe Rogan.

To be honest, much of what Terrence was saying was over my head (partially because I think there a lot of visuals that I missed doing audio-only, I would recommend watching), but yet this conversation still made my mind rapidly expand. Several times, I found myself considering things that weren’t necessarily related to the conversation, but were thoughts which I can only assume to be on a similar vibrational level to what I was listening to. Thoughts about the density of light, my internal beliefs about money, and many other deep and complex ideas were flying through my head.

I realize now that this process happens all the time to whatever information I am taking in – I just align with it (either subconsciously or consciously). It made me realize how big of a role everything around me plays a part in my experience. Whether or not I try to forcefully control this stimulus is another, very deep conversation for another letter (you can also check out the latest episode with Ioni Appelberg for more on this).

All of this being said, I wish I would have known about these incredible perspectives when I was a child. I wish we all could have been given the tools to confidently explore these expansive, mind-bending topics since birth, instead of being taught that everything was so rigid – that there is infinitely more to be discovered than what we actually understand.

It’s conversations like Joe and Terrence’s that ignites our curiosity as adults, and paves the way for parents like Alex from this week’s podcast to help make that wish come true for their kids. And as she and I discuss in our time together, It’s less about what is being taught, and more about the passion, the light, and the inspiration that we can offer to others.

Enjoy the conversations, however they take shape for you, I hope they’re expansive.

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