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Remember to Breath | Issue No. 25 | Author: Caleb

I’m excited to feature another audio edition of Remember to Breathe. Increasingly, I have been feeling more and more drive to let go of my weekly discipline of publishing podcasts and newsletters. This inspired me to sit down and have a conversation with you all from my node. While the initial intention was to explain to you what to expect going forward from me as far as content creation, flow guided to discuss the topic of emotions, leadership, and the “definition” of Decentralized Consciousness from my perspective.

It was really fun sharing the time/space moment with everyone, and I am excited to see what the release of these expectations will open up.

TLDR (or TLDListen for that matter); You are invited to share from the heart here – not just your creations, but this is a space for the support of your ‘darkness’ too.

If ever there is someone you want to hear on the podcast let me know, or perhaps feel into your intrigue – maybe you would like to host your own conversation with them! Additionally, I would highly recommend this disciplined process of content creation, even for a short time. It has done wonders for the growth in my life. If you are interested in taking this “role”, or forming your own version of it, please let me know!

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NEW PODCAST: Inner Alchemy and the Energetic Mysteries with Sol Luckman

In this episode of the Decentralized Consciousness podcast, Caleb welcomes Sol Luckman, a renowned author and pioneer in the field of inner alchemy and conscious transformation. Known for his extensive work on the Regenetics Method and his insightful writings on spirituality and consciousness, Sol delves deep into….Read More 

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A Visual Upgrade

A huge thank you to Matt (follow him on Nostr here) for the new and improved design for Decentralized Consciousness. You will be seeing this upgraded visual feel across all of the DC from the site to social media. If you like the new design, send Matt some sats!

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Rauri D

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