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So far we have been conditioned with a limited belief, that in order to get something, we need to do something. For example, taking yoga classes, practicing meditation techniques or reading self-help literature in order to face the challenges or solve our problems, can be helpful. But there is a new paradigm emerging which is far more effective and truly healing, and that is to stop doing what we think yoga, meditation or reading will help us solve.



A Spiritual guide and Mastertherapy facilitator, Oro specializes in targeted inquiry and indirect hypnosis. On your healing path of finding Peace and Joy, he will help you regain Sovereignty, Empowerment and Awareness.

Some of his specialties include:

  • Facing challenges, confusion, and doubts
  • Undoing of unconscious patterns
  • Happiness in a daily living
  • Spiritual Awakening

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(typically up to 1 hour)

Telegram: @oro_sessions

Price: 100€ + value4value


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