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Sama Katharo

I started to break out of the matrix in 1999 and was guided through several life changing experiences to push me out of identification with form (left brain).

I strive towards physical, spiritual, and digital sovereignty. While the matrix keeps people trapped in roles of either follower or influencer – both founded in insecurity (fear) – I found that the key is to connect to my inner node and with the planet earth (nature) to stay in sync with the creation and do my part by just being myself in each moment.

I am the anonymous founder of the Bitcoin Consciousness Community and host of the Bitcoin Consciousness Podcast. I also organize meditation courses and men’s groups for Bitcoiners.

I coach people to access their true self (their node on the creation network), resolve old programming, and raise their consciousness (increase their bandwidth). I am also on Twitter and write articles about Bitcoin, spirituality, human growth, truth, and freedom.



Sama Katharo is the anonymous founder of Bitcoin Consciousness and Decentralized Consciousness including a podcast, articles, website and community. Sama has explored his own and others energy bodies through multidimensional research since the millennia shift.

Sama works with whatever presents itself to him as each timeframe of experience is unique, and he leans in to the flow that guides us through all timeframes that we co-create.


paid in bitcoin

60 minute sessions

Single session: 200€
4 session package: 600€

3-month coaching package

1 session per week (approximately 12 total)
in-depth, limitless coaching through voice memo and text

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Twitter / Telegram: @SamaKatharo

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  1. My life has been completely changed ever since beginning sessions with Sama. His abilities, perspectives and his commitment to his node offer a most powerful combination for growth as a client. If you have anything in your life you cannot seem to get through, Sama can help you make the connection you need!

  2. Tony, Slovenia Avatar
    Tony, Slovenia

    Sama was able to take into account what I was already familiar with and build a bridge to his understanding of higher consciousness which was simple, clear, and practical. He is not simply a “teacher” that explains concepts which must be learned or understood. He is someone who genuinely embodies it, and this cannot be understood on a purely intellectual level. Talking with him is not a mere exchange of ideas – it is a chance to share and experience something much deeper. Our sessions have enriched and strengthened my convictions about having a life worth living, and helped turn a sometimes lonely path of self-discovery into an adventure shared by others.

  3. Valentina, Italy Avatar
    Valentina, Italy

    I found Sama out of pure serendipity. I truly believe everything happens because we attract it one way or the other and I attracted Sama into my life right when I needed it. After having done only a handful of meditation sessions with him I feel we are “entangled”. Maybe we were close in a prior life? I feel he is like a brother, a friend, a mentor… It is difficult to explain in simple words – also because English is not my mother tongue – what Sama represents now to me.

    Sama is warm, loving, curious and creative, a true source of power! I feel he has the same love for curiosity as I have. He embodies all the aspects of consciousness I am longing for, and that is why he is now so important to me. He guides me in getting rid of the paradigms of fear that are still, in one way or the other, wrapped around me like duck tape. But I feel I am on the right path with him as a guiding star. Last…but not least…he is a bitcoiner!

  4. Timo, Germany Avatar
    Timo, Germany

    Sama is a great guy! In the beginning I was skeptical if meditating together while not being in the same room would work. I could not have been more wrong: It was awesome and worked great!

  5. Nathan, USA Avatar
    Nathan, USA

    I had the good fortune to be a member of one of Sama’s groups. I did not know exactly what to expect early on but if you have not had the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with other Bitcoiners, exactly the forum I needed. The topics explored are deceptively simplistic (triggers & patterns). As you continue to invest the time and effort (your own proof of work) the impact of our reflexive tendencies to these two simple concepts come into focus and are truly unique to us as individuals.

    When the discussions commenced, I found myself asking the same question to myself over and over: “I was not born like this, when did I give consent to making ‘this’ art of who I am”? The natural follow-up to the first question, “Now that I know this about myself, what do I want to do with this awareness?”

    Through Sama’s guidance and coaching, the exercise of identifying these patterns, addressing them, and taking ownership of my personality became second nature. This has been invaluable to inner harmony. Instead of frustration, there is acceptance / forgiveness / awareness of the transitory nature of the triggered emotion. We all have a conceptual model for who we want to be. What I gained from the weeks working with Sama and the other group members, was a tangible, actionable, and realistic approach to evolving into the person I admire.

  6. Matt, Canada Avatar
    Matt, Canada

    Sama has a calm, open, and warm energy. He consistently brings this energy to all of his sessions. He creates an environment of trust which enables everyone to open up confidently. Having been on a path of learning about meditation and other spiritual practices for the past four or five years, I found Sama’s techniques refreshing. In particular, his techniques of getting centered into our energy body. So much of modern meditation practices lead to a kind disembodiment. Sama helps get more of “you” – your attention, your energy, your soul – into your body, into your everyday experience. Since working with him I feel more sensitive to my energy as well as the world’s energy around me.

  7. Tomer, Canada Avatar
    Tomer, Canada

    As someone who seeks out a variety of tools to both deal with matters like stress, anxiety, and depression, and also to explore and realize my fullest potential, I have found Sama’s meditations and coaching to be a superb addition to this repertoire.

    As with so many of these things, they require a leap of faith to start, yet they quickly prove their value. So it was with this. What began as a strange-sounding and dubious-feeling claim to discover my energy-body and connect to it independent of the rational, Aristotelian world, quickly became one of my most looked-forward to events of the week.

    Sama has knowledge to share but is also a tremendous listener so he applies his knowledge expertly where it is needed. With his techniques I processed and resolved traumas that I had not yet been able to with psychedelics, religious readings, meditations, psychotherapy, Holotropic breathwork, or years of patience. I similarly discovered wonderful and useful perspectives and points of view that these techniques had not revealed. I was able to bring these experiences to bear on the rest of my developmental undertakings. Overall I consider this a healthy and very helpful part of a balanced spiritual awakening.

  8. Adam, Canada Avatar
    Adam, Canada

    I have been meditating with Sama for a few months now. Incredibly deep meditations and insights that have helped me on my inward journey. Highly recommend people sign up.

  9. Emmanuel, Canada Avatar
    Emmanuel, Canada

    Sama is a talented human being with strong listening abilities. He is not there to tell you what to do but shares advice and ideas that help the healing process. With his help, I was able to tap into past emotions and learn to be present with my negative emotions. Sama also understood a traumatic experience I had and was able to listen to things I shared with very few people. He was a welcome help in my healing process during 8 weeks and I consider working with him again in the future.

  10. Jamie, Australia Avatar
    Jamie, Australia

    Thank you for the first session, I was surprised how centered and open I felt in a very short period of time. Interesting to note that while I was sleeping at times I felt like I was in an aware/meditative state. It is hard to explain, but at times I felt like I was meditating but asleep at the same time.

  11. Brandon, USA Avatar
    Brandon, USA

    Sama is incredibly perceptive. Through his insight and encouragement, he helped me uncover new realizations, and explore them more deeply. He also helped me become more aware of the thoughts that arise in my experience, while being willing to let them go.

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