Good Morning Darkness

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 8 | Author: Thursday

Evil exists because people want more than they deserve in the first place and it’s way easier to want more than to be more. Then you get to complain like an authentic Karen, not knowing it was you who was holding you back in the first place. This is one extraordinary illusion, I lie you not.

“I know that I know nothing”

Some say Socrates never existed, that his character was just a way for Plato to put out there ancient knowledge for the ages. On the other hand, Dante painted such a vivid picture of him in the Divine Comedy that you can swear he’s real. Regardless of what you believe to be true, the Socratic method works wonderfully. So what is this famous method?

The Socratic method is a form of argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions. It is often used to promote critical thinking, challenge assumptions and preconceptions, and encourage individuals to question their own beliefs and values. The Socratic method focuses on providing more questions than answers. You can see now why it might be obnoxious for the amateurs. Why wouldn’t you just hand me the right answer fam?

Slow down young padawan, for this is just warming up!

Last century CG Jung stated that 3 in 4 seekers can’t avoid the dark night of the soul as they climb the tree of life, awakening to the possibility that there’s more to it than just birth and death. I say these are rookie numbers as you walk the earth in the 21th century. Maybe it’s because of the countless times the snooze button was pressed since then or maybe the difficulty adjustment of the reality simply doesn’t care. Either way, the game of life doesn’t wait for the average, as the top tier players interact with the engine itself more and more.

What is darkness? Is it really bad? If so, why?

Well I don’t know, are you? Is God mean or is it our stubbornness at fault? Those questions have baffled philosophers for a very very long time. In answering them people have created religions to try and justify this or that, wage wars and proclaimed a bunch of stuff in God’s name. Libraries were burned to the ground but not until certain books and manuscripts were secured for a later time and for a more distinguished audience.

Looking for answers outside proves to be an endless task, mostly because of the entropy principle. Why not go about it the other way around and look inside? Literally all the ancients said “know thyself”. But what does this mean? How can I be a mystery to myself still? Have I not touched and felt all my body parts and yours? Have I not seen the best sights, heard the best symphonies or smelled the best perfumes? Have I not engaged in the most passionate sex and snorted the purest cocaine just to feel something? Have I not climbed the highest mountains in search of the true sages? Why are you withholding the true meaning of life from me still?

When the student is ready, the master appears.

But not until the proof-of-work is done, for there can’t be something for nothing. There’s no gain without pain and no victory without a sacrifice in advance. The Old Testament was pretty clear about the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth fixed exchange rate. Then Jesus Christ spawned and said the law of equivalent exchange can be understood in a different manner now. The ratio doesn’t necessarily have to be one for one. This changed everything. If you want to learn more, look into what happened on Golgotha. The Christ consciousness lives on. “What good is that Christ raised from the dead two thousands years ago in the Middle East if he doesn’t raise in your heart every morning?” (N. S.)

Yo master, r u up?

On his way to Damascus, cocky Saul was brought down to his knees and humbled by Big Boss himself. You know this to be true if you’ve been down that road yourself, otherwise this is just a piece of literature for you. Don’t worry though, you’ll get there when you’ll get there. Be cautious as tears may be involved in the process, so definitely buckle up for this ride.

I’m just kidding, no amount of preparation is going to soften this carefully crafted experience tailored to your needs by something out of this world. With great power comes great responsibility.

You first get to see the stick so you learn how to behave further. The vault of immense abundance is guarded by the one with the fiery sword. Otherwise you could just walk in, take stuff and create chaos because you lack discipline, wisdom and mercy. You’re likely to cause mayhem this way. But because you now understand the hierarchies, you’re likely to play fairly and do what needs to be done. The seekers now know what’s at stake and they’ll happily carry this burden. You better believe it this is the light yoke. However, you’re free to experience the other yoke and see how it feels for yourself.

“If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.”(S. N.)

— Thursday

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