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Remember to Breath | Issue No. 9 | Author: Caleb

Hello Decentralized Consciousness!

I am going to use this week’s letter to offer some inspiration to all of you, as well as give some exciting updates for some things happening in the Decentralized Consciousness community.

A strong synchronicity has appeared in my life, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all. As I look around I am beginning to see more and more evidence of the cycles of life.

Here in the northern hemisphere we are nearing the end of the winter season, the leaves have fallen off the tree, the plants returned to the earth, and the animals bedded down waiting for warmer temperatures and their food to return. For nearly half of the year, mother earth almost seems to – well, die.

Thankfully we all know that she really isn’t dead, and that in a few short weeks everything will blossom once again. This cycle of life has happened since the beginning of time on planet earth – one half of the revolution around the sun in blossom and the other in dormancy. Even the prehistoric and ice ages provide an example of a greater overarching cycle – moving from intense heat and life, to frozen desolation, to once again a world teeming with life.

As advanced and intellectually aware of a species as we have become, the inevitability of these cycles cannot change no matter how hard we try. I have begun to see the whole of the universe – reality itself – as a flow of cycles – ebbing and flowing just as waves crashing on the shoreline. It is as though the universe is constantly flowing between separation (winter) and oneness (summer) – breaking apart, then coming back together – crashing, then flowing, crashing, then flowing.

It then came as no surprise to me to notice that our lives as human beings – from the global history we forge as a species, to the individual adventures we lead, are also always flowing in cycles. Our tribes, nations, and entire civilization rises together and thrives, and always separates and falls. The current status of our civilization is a confusing one – there are many different perspectives as to which season we are actually in and what we are moving toward – so I will leave the conversation to another medium (maybe a podcast with you?)

Instead of looking at the greater, species-wide cycle, I want to take a closer look at the cycles of our individual lives. Feel into those times of desperation and pain, and allow them to contrast with those of joy and ecstasy. The times when you feel like the universe had – and would – do nothing but beat you down, to those times where you feel on top of it. It has become clear to me that these are the cycles of human creativity.

Reflecting on my life, I can clearly see evidence of these creative cycles. The resultant creations of which I am impressed enough to ask, “How did I ever do this?” and is usually meant with a desperate “Why can’t I do more of it?” This question points out the underlying issue – we see our musicians, celebrities, and leaders asking it time after time. They hopelessly fight to create and inspire “like they used to” but it never seems to work.

This is, quite simply, because each one of us came here to create. As creative beings, the purest creation – inspired from no other place than “just because” – breeds the purest fulfillment and joy.

When we create, it is can be easy to forget where the joy is coming from. We forget the order of operations – we begin to believe that those good feelings came from the “thing” we made or the “achievement” we accomplished. We become attached to the result and forget the process. We think that because it was something we created, its existence (and the praise it receives) is therefore a measure of who we are.

Among many other things, I believe all of this is a major upgrade in the next stage of human evolution. I believe that we are becoming a people who can experience creating for creating sake. Just as before, we will experience the joy, passion, and praise of this process, but the upgrade will come in the creative winters. In these times, we will see opportunities for us to grow internally instead of blossom externally – and we will be okay with it.

So, dear reader, I want you take a moment to remember to breathe, go within, and feel where you are in your life right now. Do you feel something trying to blossom? Or is it time for something to resolve inside?

Whatever the answer, what is most important for us to remember is that all of this is more about the process than the result.

Nature spends all of its energy growing the flower, once it’s there, it eventually lets go.

From my node to yours,


Community Updates

Unconditional Love Bath – Value4Value Recording

For those of you who weren’t able to join in Saturday’s event, the “Unconditional Love Bath” hosted by Sama Katharo, you can join in the time-space event and reap all the same healing benefits! Just follow the link here to check out the recording on Telegram.

The Decentralized Consciousness Podcast

The newest season of the podcast has officially launched! The first episode of the new season can be found here or on your favorite podcasting app. Every Tuesday for the next ten weeks, check your feed for new episodes. Join us as we embark on this new cycle of creation with new activations, spiritual rabbit hole journeys, and deep dives into higher consciousness guided by flow. It is going to be an epic season and you do not want to miss! (If you feel guided to join as a guest, reach out – I would love to have a conversation with your node!)

Momentum Meditations – March 2024

Mark your calendars, Momentum Meditations are back starting March 10th!

Join via the Telegram link here.

For more details, visit the Momentum Meditations Page here.

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