Sama Katharo

Sama started to break out of the matrix in 1999 and was guided through several life changing experiences to push him out of identification with form (left brain).

Sama strives towards physical, spiritual and digital sovereignty. While the matrix keeps people trapped in roles of either follower or influencer – both founded in insecurity (fear) – he found that the key is to connect to his inner node and with the planet earth (nature) to stay in sync with the creation and do his part by just being himself in each moment.

He is the anonymous founder of the Bitcoin Consciousness Community and host of the Bitcoin Consciousness Podcast. He also organizes meditation courses and men’s groups for Bitcoiners.

He coaches people to access their true self (their node on the creation network), resolve old programming and raise their consciousness (increase their bandwidth). He is also on Twitter and writes articles about Bitcoin, spirituality, human growth, truth and freedom.


Sama created a model to explain what humans go through as we discover our potential. You can see a summary of the different stages here:

1Playing out unconscious patterns programmed from family and society. Not questioning our self-image or how the world works so we act from a victim mentality.
2We realize we can change our reality but rather than changing the original programs we add new programming and start living a fake life on top of unconscious programming that provide limitations in our life. This stage is aimed towards external success and since we are still acting from a victim mentality we use our willpower to push through our obstacles. We sense that we are always playing roles and not being our true self because it is buried under all the programs.
3Detox. We realize that we need to go inwards to change the script of our life. We see that the external reality is a feedback system showing us our inner distortions. We allow darkness to be felt, we integrate our shadows. We get rid of habits keeping us out of the present moment and we come increasingly closer to our true self.
4We are cleaned out to a large extent and can rely on a firm awareness of our timeless essence in the ever changing present moment. We expand from within as co-creators into the world and manifest what we hold in our space. We build communities with others and reinvent humanity post the fiat world.

Most coaches in the world today are focused on the second stage while Sama’s speciality is to guide people through stage 3 and settle into stage 4. You can read the whole article about this model if you want to.

In the first two stages we think that we can change our situation by acting in the external world while in the two latter stages we understand that we need to change the inner programming to be able to see real lasting changes in our external world.