Spiritual Bitcoiners Unite – May the 4th Panel Discussion

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 22 | Organizer: Monika Burra

This week’s Remember to Breathe features a special episode of the “Decentralized Consciousness Podcast” – organized by Monika Burra, this riveting panel discussion delves into the profound intersections of Bitcoin, spirituality, and societal transformation. This episode is an enlightening conversation among creators and visionaries who explore the deeper implications of Bitcoin beyond its financial impact.

The panelists discuss the concept of Bitcoin as a revolutionary force that extends into the realms of consciousness and spiritual awakening. They explore how Bitcoin serves as a tool for personal empowerment and a catalyst for dismantling artificial systems that inhibit our authentic selves. The conversation highlights the transformative journey of embracing higher consciousness through Bitcoin and its potential to foster a more connected and compassionate society.

Key themes include the dissolution of the ego, the role of trauma in personal growth, and the practical applications of Bitcoin in creating a more equitable world. The panelists share personal stories of overcoming challenges and the healing power of self-love, emphasizing how Bitcoin has played a crucial role in their spiritual journeys.

Listeners will gain insights into the merging of spiritual practices with technological advancements, as the discussion touches on topics like psychedelic experiences, quantum healing, and the embodiment of pure consciousness. The episode also envisions a future where Bitcoin facilitates a renaissance of creativity, freedom, and human flourishing.

Tune in to this bonus episode for an inspiring and thought-provoking dialogue that bridges the gap between technology and spirituality, offering a holistic perspective on the potential of Bitcoin to transform both individual lives and the broader societal landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned Bitcoiner or new to the concept, this episode provides valuable insights into the multifaceted impact of this groundbreaking technology.

Below you can find the follow / zap / contact information for all of the panel members:

Ioni Appelberg@ioniappelbergIoni’s Website
Monika Burra@bura_monikaMonika’s NostrTherapy and Beyond Center
Soul Learning
Master of Creation
Holly Berkley@bliss_smartThe Bitcoin Adviser
Roger9000@roger__9000Roger9000’s NostrRoger9000’s Website
Tom Taber@TomTaberHODLtomtaber@nostrplebs.comTom’s Facebook Page
DJ Valerie@djvalerieblovedjvalerie@nostrplebs.comBitcoin for Peace


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