Month: February 2024

  • Cycles of Creation

    Cycles of Creation

    ^^ my son drew this yesterday and handed it to me saying, “Daddy this is for your work” I guess he knew I had a newsletter going out today ^^ 😉 Remember to Breath | Issue No. 9 | Author: Caleb Hello Decentralized Consciousness! I am going to use this week’s letter to offer some…

  • Good Morning Darkness

    Good Morning Darkness

    Remember to Breath | Issue No. 8 | Author: Thursday Evil exists because people want more than they deserve in the first place and it’s way easier to want more than to be more. Then you get to complain like an authentic Karen, not knowing it was you who was holding you back in the…

  • Exponential Power and Embracing Darkness with Thursday

    Exponential Power and Embracing Darkness with Thursday

    Remember to Breath | Issue No. 7 | Author: Caleb This episode marks the inauguration of a new season of the Decentralized Consciousness podcast! We have some powerful and life-changing vibrations coming this season, and are so excited for you to be a part of it. Today we are sitting at the fire with Caleb…

  • Dear Bitcoiners

    Dear Bitcoiners

    Remember to Breath | Issue No. 6 | Author: Sama Katharo This article was originally published in Citadel 21 on November 21st, 2021 Dear Bitcoiners, I feel a deep connection with each and every one of you. To fall down the rabbit hole, and see what has made you Bitcoiners, creates a strong bond. I…

  • The Fear of Regret

    The Fear of Regret

    Remember to Breath | Issue No. 5 | Author: Oro Through early childhood and into my teenage years, I remember having had some peculiar power, which, in my present awareness and perspective, can easily be described as a “kid-still-pure superpower”. It was the superpower to consciously not regret anything. I can still vividly remember having a…