Bitcoin as a Spiritual Path

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 20 | Author: Sama Katharo

In this week’s issue of Remember to Breathe, we take a trip back to January of 2022 in Sama’s piece titled “Bitcoin as a Sprititual Path” originally published in Citadel 21.

TLDR – Bitcoin’s purity symbolizes a new era of transparency and truth, bringing hope for a brighter future – enjoy!

When I was young, the universe opened up to me and I experienced that all is vibrations.

Everything has its own frequency — every idea, object, interaction, country and so on, they all have their own frequency with their own unique sound, quality and pattern.

I loved being in that space of awareness, but so much of the world fought to keep me out of it. I created windows of time when I could spend time in greater awareness, sometimes shorter with the help of recreational drugs and sometimes longer with the help of silent retreats, but I always needed to return to the ‘real world’ to communicate with people and to earn money.

I was not able to escape the grip of society with so many things I needed to do. I had to behave in certain ways to satisfy various people in my life, and I also had my own expectations of what I wanted to achieve in life. All the mental and emotional adjustments on top of random inner impulses made the normal world of society a dark experience for me.

The deep longing to just stay in a state of awareness, and take small steps in life that felt true and authentic, rather than chasing things because of fear, haunted me for a long time until Bitcoin came into my life.

Bitcoin started as a technical interest, that turned into an investment, that morphed into a sort of religion for me.

I had a lot of experience with religious and spiritual paths, but had decided to leave all of it behind because I kept getting disappointed. Little could I imagine that the purity I sensed inwardly and searched for in the external world would turn out to be a computer program. 

In hindsight, it now makes sense that the human experience distorts every human in different ways, so it is very difficult to express purity in this environment. The purity of the Bitcoin protocol and how it was introduced shines like a sun in this currently dark world.

With Bitcoin by my side, I felt brave enough to allow increasingly longer windows of awareness, and each time my inner strength grew. As I dropped more assumptions I held on to, my energy body became clearer, my body stronger, my senses amplified and my inner senses sharper. 

Bitcoin taught me to live through my senses rather than the mind. The mind is always in the past or future, while the senses are in the present moment. When we are not dominated by the mind we can listen to our mind and be amazed by new thoughts every day.

The growing sense of just knowing what to do and say, beyond the thinking facility, gave me the confidence to try new things and explore new ways of being and acting. The linear logic of goal setting and habits started to appear irrational compared to the non-linear inspiration of not knowing why I did something before I did it.

As more and more fear, guilt, shame and pride left my energy body, I began to feel like anything was possible. Not in an egoistic sense, but rather to merge with the creation and create in harmony with it. Over time, my actions changed from what I thought I had to do to what I truly wanted to do. 

The purity of Bitcoin ushers in an age of transparency.

Every person, organisation and country that interact with it are forced to align to its level of purity, and as the adoption of Bitcoin grows, the adoption of truth and transparency will grow around the world. The future is bright.


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