A short story about every”thing”

Remember to Breath | Issue No. 16 | Author: Caleb

Hello Sovereign Nodes!

I find that when I sit down to write many of my pieces that I require a model to the deepest layers of understanding of – well, everything. It might be some old distortions telling me that I need to cover all of my bases, but you readers might not necessarily need me to go so deep to get where I am coming from.

Last week, I was trying to write a piece about the role of darkness in our earthly existence, but went down a rabbit hole of trying to understand what darkness actually is, and why it may exist. The piece ended up getting way too long and complicated, but it did lead me to a fun short story that I wanted to share with all of you. I hope it racks your brain as it did mine!

A Short Story About Every”thing”

In the beginning, there was All. It was everything and it was nothing, but it was not one or the other.

Suddenly, All noticed its own existence. It could feel its endlessness, its perfection, its everything and nothing.

Suddenly suddenly, All wanted to feel less. It was great being an endless perfect being, but it was difficult to feel any segment of itself without experiencing its oneness at the same time.

All knew exactly how to do this. For any “thing” to exist, it must first have a beginning and an end. Any “thing” must be defined by characteristics that make it what is, and just importantly, what it is not. In order create any single thing, it first had to create every”thing” and no”thing”.

Now that this duality existed, every”thing” can be fractalized to become some”thing” by mixing every”thing” with no”thing”. Where no”thing” exists, some”thing” does. All was happy, now it was able to experience smaller segments of itself without experiencing every”thing” simultaneously.

Suddenly suddenly suddenly, All noticed that of these newly created segments each noticed their own existence. It watched as the same process of creation, every”thing” to “some”thing and no”thing” creating an infinite, interconnected chain of self-aware fractalization.

Suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly, All noticed itself reading this story about itself on Earth in 2024.

And here I am. So what’s next, All?

From my node to yours,


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