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Remember to Breath | Issue No. 17 | Author: Caleb

Hello Sovereign Nodes!

I keep finding myself running through these deep thought trains, working through contradictions, building models and tearing them down. For a person listening to me, these rants can be rather confusing (sorry especially to my wife lol), and I find that it helps to try to work through them in writing, which I ultimately share with you. The downside in doing so, is this takes a lot of time.

This week, I tried a new process in my writing. This article is the result of a 30 minute voice memo, transcribed and ultimately summarized by ChatGPT. I wrote the introductory paragraph and made some edits along the way, but I did find the AI incredibly useful in helping me to get my thoughts organized. Let me know what you think!

(Artwork credit also goes to ChatGPT this week.)

Let’s begin by quickly defining the fiat construct of ‘ownership’: Using the example of real estate, it effectively means, “I have control over my house, and no one else does. I can make changes however I see fit, I can determine who may or may not do the same, and I also have the final say as to who may even step foot on the property.” Many Bitcoiners can agree that even this definition of ownership doesn’t actually exist in practice – property taxes, government ordinances, home owners associations all take away ultimate control, but let’s put that aside for now.

At its core, ownership in the current paradigm relies heavily on external enforcement mechanisms. Whether it’s a deed to a property or a legal claim to a physical asset, ownership necessitates protection by external forces, such as law enforcement or the legal system. This external validation of ownership underscores a fundamental aspect of our current understanding of possession – it’s not truly owned unless it’s externally recognized and protected.

The monster of external enforcement

However, the emergence of Bitcoin introduces a paradigm shift in ownership. With Bitcoin, ownership is established through the possession of cryptographic keys, allowing individuals to assert ownership without reliance on subjective validation. The ownership of Bitcoin is truly sovereign – it resides in the mind of the holder, replacing human authority with a simple mathematical protocol for enforcement. This aspect of Bitcoin ownership highlights a higher consciousness approach to possession, where true ownership comes from within.

But when we extend this concept to digital property, such as NFTs, complexities arise. While the ownership of the cryptographic token itself is sovereign, what it represents – whether it’s a piece of digital art or a land deed – still requires external enforcement. NFTs may offer a novel way to tokenize ownership, but they don’t eliminate the need for external validation when a dispute arises.

Moreover, the value we attribute to the art itself, whether physical or digital, is often tied to societal constructs rather than intrinsic worth. Artists like Van Gogh gain value not only from the quality of their work but also from societal recognition and scarcity. However, in a higher consciousness perspective, the value of art shifts from external validation to personal meaning and appreciation.

In a world where higher consciousness prevails, the concept of ownership may undergo a profound transformation. Instead of viewing ownership as a means of control or accumulation, individuals may adopt a stewardship mindset, recognizing their interconnectedness with the world around them. In such a reality, the need for external enforcement diminishes as people naturally respect each other’s sovereignty and the shared resources of the planet.

The oneness of internal ownership

Ultimately, the journey towards a higher consciousness understanding of ownership requires a shift in perspective – from external validation to internal acknowledgment, from scarcity to abundance, and from control to stewardship. As we continue to explore these concepts, we may find that true ownership lies not in possessing things but in cultivating a deep sense of connection and responsibility towards ourselves, each other, and the world we inhabit.

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