Here we collect the best articles on the topics of Bitcoin and higher consciousness from around the world. Let us know if there is any article we have missed!

  • Bitcoin, Consciousness Revolution: Activating the Heart of Humanity
    By running full nodes sovereign individuals can anchor connections to the heart firmly, subordinating the computational power to what moves our blood inside us, that which keeps us all alive.
  • Bitcoin is… by Michael
    “Bitcoin is many things but most importantly it is a mechanism that, for those who have experienced it, strips away all of the layers and pretence.”
  • Proof of God by Tomer Strolight
    This inspiring, mind-opening piece by Tomer speaks for itself. Connect to your node on the creation network!
  • The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto by Tomer Strolight
    In this article, Tomer Strolight writes about how and why Bitcoin spurs spiritual awakenings and journeys of self-discovery.
  • Blessed are the Bitcoiners, they shall inherit the Earth by Nozomi Hayase
    Synopsis: “The creator of Bitcoin delivered us a path of salvation via Proof-of-Work – a process of validating truth on our own, proving that we, human beings, are made in the image of God.”
  • From Force to Flow by Sama Katharo
    This article by Sama Katharo gives explanations of the state of control and the state of flow. He also gives advice on how to speed up the transition between the two.
  • Bitcoin is a currency of love by Nozomi Hayase
    The peace and love that some people have been trying to implement without force throughout history might be possible now when we have Bitcoin and it is probably a possibility worthy of effort.
  • Bitcoin and Psychedelics by FractalEncrypt
    An article about magic mushrooms and LSD. History, context and concrete advice how to use them and how to integrate experiences into our life.
  • The End of Fiat Consciousness
    Fiat money is an extension of a fiat consciousness where external appearances are valued more than intrinsic qualities. Sama Katharo here suggest that to implement sound money on this planet we need to change the consciousness.
  • The Bitcoiners guide to the base layer of creation
    Sama Katharo attempts to give an introduction to the ‘spiritual world’ that he believes will open up to more and more people in the coming months.
  • Bitcoin, the networked Messiah by Nozomi Hayase
    From deep inside the web, a new godhead is arising. Within its face, changing color and shape, we see a mosaic of our own images.
  • Three pills, Bitcoin and the Matrix
    In this article Sama Katharo presents his ideas of the blue, orange and red pills.
  • Bitcoin technology raises consciousness by Nozomi Hayase
    Nozomi explain how technology can change consciousness on a mass scale. She also draws parallels with David Hawkins model of levels of consciousness.
  • Bitcoin as a spiritual path
    Sama Katharo explains, in this Citadel21 article, how bitcoin allowed him to open up even more to his intuition and soul.
  • Decentralized Money and Spirituality
    Sama Katharo draws parallels between the crypto industry and the spiritual scene. It is as easy to be pulled into alt coins as it is to be drawn into spiritual paths with insecure and controlling leaders.
  • Dear Bitcoiners
    Sama Katharo entered the Bitcoin community with this post. He explains the larger picture of human spiritual awakening that has always been going on but since Bitcoin showed up this process have sped up.
  • Bitcoin is beyond money by Omoemm
    Bitcoin is a network of people sharing a common belief. They believe an absolutely finite digital set exists.We decided to join because we understand why digital scarcity is worth our time and energy. We see value in manipulating scarce information.
  • Bitcoin Consciousness by Electric Meg
    Bitcoin exists on a very high level of consciousness. It was created to circumvent the most evil, greedy, anti-human institutions that exist, and to empower the 99% as a reaction to the Stock Market Crash of 2008. It was created on a solid foundation of trust, security and the free and open exchange of information and… Read more: Bitcoin Consciousness by Electric Meg